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  • Tissue-Tek O.C.T. Compound

    Tissue-Tek O.C.T. Compound

    TISSUE-TEK; OCT COMPOUND This is a much favoured water soluble glycols and resins compound that provides an excellent specimen matrix for cryostat sectioning at temperatures of ?10°C and below.It leaves...
  • Tissue-Tek Cryomolds

    Tissue-Tek Cryomolds

    TISSUE-TEK; CRYOMOLD; SAKURA FINETEK These disposable plastic Cryomoulds produce a uniformly shaped flat surface specimen block with tissue freezing medium (O.C.T.) for frozen sectioning, Standard Cryomold fits directly into Cryobar®...
  • Dumont Tweezers, style 5A

    TWEEZERS, STYLE 5A Cat No. Style Description Metal, Grade, Finish Length Width & Thickness T05A-811 5A Very fine tips Inox 08, HP, polished 115mm 0.13 x 0.08mm
  • Glutaraldehyde solution, 25% (DG)

    GA - GLUTARALDEHYDECAS # 111‐30‐8.Vacuum distilled, free from polymer and other contaminants. Each lot has been tested and assayed. Polymers re?form depending on storage time and temperature. Available in bottles...
    From $68.00
  • EM grids, Lacey Formvar/carbon film

    LACEY SUPPORT FILM GRIDSA lacey network support film. The holes in the lacey support film vary in size from less than a quarter micron to more than 10 microns making...
    From $126.00
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