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  • LaB6 Cathode

    KIMBALL PHYSIC's LANTHANUM HEXABORIDE (LaB6) CATHODESThe large gain in brightness and long operating life of Lanthanum Hexaboride cathodes are well known. Kimball Physics' LaB6 cathodes are at least equal in...
    From $1,365.00
  • New filaments

    TUNGSTEN SEM/TEM FILAMENTSTungsten filaments, new or rebuilt, are formed in high-precision fixtures using a special-alloy tungsten wire to minimise strain. Precise dimensions and microscopic inspection guarantee consistent quality and performance....
    From $320.00
  • PELCO optical lens tissue, 114 x 127mm

    PELCO ; OPTICAL LENS TISSUEThe PELCO ; Optical Lens Tissue is a high quality optical lens tissue for lenses, optical instruments, electron microscopy and similar applications. PELCO ; Optical Lens...
    From $29.00
  • CCD swabs, lint-free microfibre head, 21 x 16mm, length 126mm

    CCD APPLICATORS/ SWABS, LINT-FREE MICROFIBRE HEADThe CCD swab is especially designed for cleaning CCD chips and other delicate or hard to reach optical and imaging surfaces. CCD swabs are also...
  • Swabs, polyester fibre head, 11 x 3mm, length 70mm

    POLYESTER FABRIC APPLICATORS/ SWABSSwabs for electronics and precision instrument applications. Made of fine knitted polyester fabric, laundered in super-clean, low resistance water. Highly absorbent, thermally bonded, very low non-volatile residue....
  • 3M Diamond film 305mm, plain, 0.1um

    3M DIAMOND LAPPING FILM, 305mmPriced to clear
  • Denka LaB6 cathode

    DENKA LANTHANUM HEXABORIDE (LaB6) CATHODESLanthanum hexaboride (LaB6) is one of the best thermionic emission materials, because of its low work function and high melting point. DENKA LaB6 Cathode has been...
    From $1,140.00
  • EMS Lens tissue, 110 x 127mm

    EMS LENS TISSUEEMS Lens tissue is extremely soft and does not lint or scratch and it is free from mineral or vegetable filler.Safe for any optical surface such as camera...
  • Glenco polishing cloths, no hole, PSA

    GLENCO***This flocked cloth, made by binding a rayon flock to a woven cotton backing, is the most popular in our line. It is excellent for final polishing when used in...
  • New filaments

    Standard loop filaments for Hitachi S-type
  • Rebuilt filaments

    REBUILT FILAMENTSFilament rebuilding services include: reconditioning of the base cleaning and/or replacement of necessary parts instalment of new standard loop or special filament tip pre-centring vacuum normalising microscopic inspection Bases...
    From $122.00
  • Silk polishing cloths, 254mm, no hole, plain backing

    SILK**100% pure woven silk for final or skid polishing on friable materials.
  • Swabs, polyurethane sponge head 200 ppi, 10 x 0.7 - 3.0mm, length 77mm

    PU APPLICATORS/ SPONGE SWABS, 200 PPIFine sponge with 200 pores/ inch. Clean room prepared, very pure. High pore density is less water absorbent but is best for cleaning of crucial...
  • Swabs, PU sponge head 100 ppi, 28 x 22mm, length 124mm

    SAMPLING APPLICATORS/ SWABS, PU SPONGE, 100 PPISwabs for applications in medical and biological sampling. These swabs are made of fine, polyurethane sponge. Clean room laundered, soft, clean, comfortable to use,...
  • Swabs, PVA head, 22.5 x 6mm, length 150mm

    PVA APPLICATORS/ SWABSFor tongue and other biological sampling and where a little rubbing and pressure is required. Clean room prepared. Individually packed in a sealed pouch.
  • Swabs, woven polyester microfibre head, 12 x 1.25mm, length 100mm

    POLYESTER MICROFIBRE APPLICATORS/ SWABSSwabs for fibre optics with superfine woven polyester microfibre heads.Fibre optics swabs are ideal for removing transmission-disrupting contaminants in bulkhead connectors. The head conforms to the various...
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