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  • Microscope coverglass, squares, premium

    Our German manufacturer, Knittel, is one of the largest slide and slip producers. Coverglass is made  from clear, optically superior borosilicate, hydrolytic class 1. glass. It is the finest available, very flat but flexible;...
    From $9.00
  • Dumont Tweezers, style 5

    Dumont tweezers are known all over the world for their high quality, durability and detailed engineering. When selecting these tweezers, reference should be made to the Dumont steel used, the...
    From $43.00
  • Microscope coverglass, circles

    COVERGLASS CIRCLESKNITTEL Coverglass is made of a colourless borosilicate glass (D 263) with an optimum hydrolytic resistance HGB1. This ultra thin glass is produced solely by only two special glass companies...
    From $17.00
  • StarFrost superclean, hydrophilic slides, ground edges 90deg.

    STARFROST SUPER CLEAN MICROSCOPE SLIDESStarFrost super clean, microscope slidesGlass slides viewed side on are no longer green and difficult to tell apart from clear-white glass. Made by the float glass...
  • Microscope slides, soda glass, thick, 1.2-1.5mm

    MICROSCOPE SLIDESMost commonly used type of microscope slide. The glass is made to a new low iron, soda-lime glass formulation. Glass slides viewed side on are no longer green and...
    From $17.00
  • Quartz slide, premium

    QUARTZ SLIDESThickness 1mm, 1 per package.Quartz microscope slides and slips (see page G2) are required for best UV transparency, and for very high temperature applications, up to 1200 deg. C....
  • Microscope slides, large, 76 x 51 x 1mm, cut edges

    LARGE MICROSCOPE SLIDESSlides as above but 76 x 51mm, uniform in thickness within a batch and very flat. Cut edges at 90 degrees.For a suitable slide storage box see H451...
    From $70.00
  • Microscope slides, soda glass, standard size

    MICROSCOPE SLIDESMost commonly used type of microscope slide. The glass is made to a new low iron, soda-lime glass formulation. Glass slides viewed side on are no longer green and...
    From $15.00
  • Immersion oil

    HIGH VISCOSITY IMMERSION OILS FOR INVERTED MICROSCOPESFor horizontal, inverted and inclined instruments and projection equipment, Type NVH with high viscosity of 21,000cST or Type OVH with a viscosity of 46,000...
    From $17.00
  • Microscope slides, very large, 100 x 76 x 1mm, cut edges

    VERY LARGE MICROSCOPE SLIDESAs above but 100 x 76mm. The LCP base plate, see G366 below is an even larger microscope slide.
    From $65.00
  • PTFE printed slides, round

    PTFE PRINTED, HYDROPHOBIC SLIDES, WHITEWhite printed, diagnostic slides with round, ring, square and oval wells. The slides measure 75 x 25 x 1mm and have 1 frosted end.PTFE printed slides...
    From $121.00
  • Eyepiece reticle, NE1 surface pattern

    EYEPIECE RETICLESSizes other than the standard 16, 19 and 21mmare available for an additional AUD55.00.Note: Stage micrometers can be purchased certified, but not reticles. The area or length they 'see'...
    From $137.00
  • Counting cell, Sedgewick rafter, S52

    SEDGEWICK RAFTER COUNTING CELLSThese are used to count the number of cells, particles, or small organisms contained in a specified volume of fluid.Coverglass for cells is included: S50 Sedgewick Rafter;...
    From $114.00
  • Cover glass for coverslipping machines, No.1, 24 x 40mm

    COVERGLASS FOR COVERSLIPPING MACHINESThickness #1 (i . e. 0.13 - 0.17 mm) borosilicate glass of hydrolytic class 1, precisely cut in accordance with ISO 8255/1, without streaks and blisters. Packed...
    From $96.00
  • Immersion oil, low fluorescence, Type LDF

    IMMERSION OIL, LOW FLUORESCENCE, TYPE LDFThis is in most regards our best immersion oil for fluorescence microscopy. It has extremely low background fluorescence (Cargille # 1-2). It has excellent optical...
    From $27.00
  • Indium trichloride (DG)

    **THIS ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED BY ROAD TRANSPORT** This product is listed as DANGEROUS GOODS for the purposes of shipping. Please do not order express or international shipping, as this...
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