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pipettes, syringes, burettes and accessories
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  • Bottle-top burette continuous E/RS

    BOTTLETOP BURETTESVITLAB continuous E/RS with recirculation valve and patented double-piston pump for permanent and pulse-free supply of titration medium and continuous, precise titration. Conformity certified according to DIN 12600. Features...
  • Burette clamp, double (END OF LINE)

    BURETTE CLAMPS T710 Diecast alloy clamp for 1 burette, securely held in place by 4 rubber-covered knobs. Simply bring levers together, insert burette, release levers. Holds tubes up to 28mm...
    From $22.00
  • Burette clamp, single, with bosshead

    BURETTE CLAMPS T710 Diecast alloy clamp for 1 burette, securely held in place by 4 rubber-covered knobs. Simply bring levers together, insert burette, release levers. Holds tubes up to 28mm...
  • Burette clamps, PP

    BURETTE CLAMPS, PPMoulded in polypropylene burette clamps. The spring loaded jack in the middle provides a vice like grip on the burette and prevents it from slipping. Two tapered wedges...
    From $16.00
  • Burette, transparent acrylic, 50mL

    BURETTEThis burette has a transparent acrylic body and a leakproof stopcock fitted with a self lubricating PTFE plug. Each Burette is individually calibrated to give maximum accuracy. Acrylic body is...
  • Crystal/Eppendorf Pipettes, 0.1-10Ul

      Fits Eppendorf ultra micro pipetters Extended length reaches bottom of tubes without contaminating the pipettor shaft Available bulk (not treated), racked and racked sterile (low binding) 96 Tips/Rack  ...
    From $64.00
  • Dropper pipettes with bellows, PE, 5mL, premium

    DROPPER PIPETTES WITH BELLOWSFor sampling and decanting of infectious or toxic liquids. Graduated, LDPE. Length 194mm.Made by VITLAB, Germany.Approximate bore opening Ø ~2.5mm
  • Extra large pipettes, PE, graduated to 23mL

    LARGE BULB TRANSFER PIPETTE Cat. No. Capacity (ml) Total length (mm) Drops/ml Stem diameter (mm) Bulb draw (ml) LCH28 23 300 22 9.0 10
  • Measuring pipette, PP, premium

    MEASURING PIPETTESTransparent, resistant to breakage. Suction tube OD max. 8 mm, except 10mL pipette OD10mm. Calibrated to deliver (TD, Ex). Exposure to temperatures above 60 deg. C may affect accuracy....
    From $20.00
  • Measuring pipettes, glass, Class A

    MEASURING PIPETTES, CLASS ABest quality, European-made measuring pipettes, Class A. Calibrated to deliver Ex (TD).Calibration complies with ISO 17025.Colour coding complies with ISO 1796.Amber printing includes colour code, batch number,...
    From $19.00
  • Measuring pipettes, glass, economy

    MEASURING PIPETTESNeat and clear calibrations. High accuracy, pipettes, calibrated to deliver Ex. Colour coded bands for easy size recognition.0.1, 0.5 and 1.0mL pipettes are made of sodaglass.
  • Pasteur pipettes, glass

    PASTEUR PIPETTES Cat. No. Overall length (mm) Taper to tip (mm) OD (mm) LP31 150 66 7.5 LP32 230 107 7.5
    From $33.00
  • Pipeo precision pipette controller

    PRECISION PIPETTE CONTROLLERWith the new pipette controller VITLAB pipeo, pipette handling is simple and comfortable. The ergonomic handle, very light weight and excellent balance all contribute to operating ease. Features...
    From $44.00
  • Pipette controller VITLAB maneus

    PIPETTE CONTROLLERThis manual pipette controller from VITLAB makes pipetting easy and comfortable. Comes with 3Micrometre membrane filter and instructions.Features Easy, safe and fatigue-free pipetting for left and right-handed people Suitable...
  • Pipette filler, premium

    PIPETTE FILLERSThese pipette pumps provide an easy and precise way of drawing up and dispensing liquids by rotating the knurled thumb wheel. Press white lever for gravity dispensing. Pipettes are...
    From $24.00
  • Pipette rack, Perspex, for 10 horizontal pipettes

    PIPETTE STAND/ RACKLD20 is made of Perspex and supports 10 horizontal pipettes of 230mm minimum length. Height 230mm. Cat. No. Plastic No. of Pipettes Pipette Dimensions (mm) Stand Dimensions (mm)...
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