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  • Baby metzenbaum scissors, (146mm) 5 1/2"

    Delicate stainless steel scissors
    From $28.00
  • Baby metzenbaum scissors, (178mm) 7"

    Delicate stainless steel scissors
  • Beebee scissors, 420SS, 100mm

  • Castro Viejo scissors, 1x2 teeth

    Delicate curved scissors with 12mm jaws with 1x2 teeth. Length: 140mm (5 1/2")
  • Castro Viejo scissors, angled

    Model 51-12 30P - Very delicate angled scissors with 5mm long blades. Length: 130mm (5")
  • Castro-viejo corneal section scissors, Ti, blunt tips, left, 105mm

    CASTROVIEJO CORNEAL SECTION SCISSORSBlunt tips, lower blade 0.5mm longer than upper blade, 13mm from pivot to tip, 105mm long.TY-3027 angled to the right is available as well - ask.
  • Castro-Viejo Scissors

    Well made short, delicate stainless steel acissors with a spring handle.72933 = 102mm  Straight tips72934 = 102mm  Angled sideways72935 = 114mm  Curved on flat
  • Castro-viejo scissors, 410SS

    CASTROVIEJO SCISSORSVery fine spring scissors. Available straight or curved. The blades are sharp/ sharp. Overall length 100mm, length from pivot to tip 18mm (T108), 14mm (T108C)
  • Dean scissors, 420SS, sharp/sharp, 170mm

  • Diethrich vascular scissors, 420SS, 90 deg., 170mm

  • Dissecting Scissors

    Stainless steel mayo-dissecting scissors with a polished finish
    From $26.00
  • Dissecting scissors, 115mm

    Available both straight and curved. Screw joint. Ring (scissor) handles.
  • Doyen scissors (178mm)

    Stainless steel scissors with two blunt points 7" (178mm) long, curved
    From $34.00
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