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  • PROSCITECH SEM mounts, pin type, dia. 12.6mm

    PROSCITECH PIN TYPE SEM MOUNT3.1mm diameter pin.12.6mm diameter slotted head for easy pickup using a pair of our mount lifting tweezers.Suits Phenom, Cambridge, Etec, Philips, FEI and others.If you have...
  • SEM mount lifter, 420SS, for 12.7mm pin stub mounts, economy

    SEM MOUNT LIFTER FOR 12.7MM PIN STUB MOUNTSMade of best Japanese stainless steel, these tweezers are for handling SEM pin type mounts G040 and slug mounts G042. These lifter tweezers...
  • PROSCITECH SEM mounts, large pin type, 25mm dia.

    PROSCITECH PIN TYPE SEM MOUNT25mm dia. slotted head (4 times the area of the standard mount). Fits same instruments as G040.This item is manufactured specifically for ProSciTech Pty Ltd.
  • SEM mount lifter, for pin stub mounts, SS, premium

    SEM MOUNT LIFTERS FOR 25MM AND 32MM PIN STUB MOUNTSFor grooved pin stub mounts.T082 angle 45 deg. .T081-25 SEM mount lifter, SS, for 25mm pin stub mounts, ring-grip, 137mmT082-25 SEM...
    From $30.00
  • PROSCITECH SEM mounts, slug type, dia. 9.5mm x 9.5mm

    SLUG TYPE, GROOVED9.5 dia. x 9.5mm high. For JEOL
  • Multi-pin specimen mount, removable pin

    MULTI-PIN SPECIMEN MOUNTAccommodates up to six standard 12.7mm (1/2") pin stubs with 3.2mm (1/8") pin on numbered positions.Can hold up to three 25.4mm (1") pin stubs.Material: machined aluminium with stainless...
    From $102.00
  • Multi-purpose specimen mount

    MULTI-PURPOSE SPECIMEN MOUNTCompatible with 3.2mm pin stub holder and bulk or irregularly shaped specimens up to 25mm. Accepts up to 25mm diameter metallurgical mounts. Material: machined aluminium with stainless steel...
  • PROSCITECH SEM mounts, Cambridge S-4 specimen, dia. 31.7mm

    PLATFORM, LARGEST MOUNT31.7 dia x 6.5 high Cambridge, but fits over most mounts.
  • PROSCITECH SEM mounts, Hitachi screw, 15mm x 6mm

    HITACHI SCREW MOUNTS15 dia. x 6mm high with internal thread.
  • PROSCITECH SEM mounts, slug type grooved, dia. 12.5mm x 10mm

    SLUG TYPE, GROOVED12.5mm x 10mm. For JEOL.
  • PROSCITECH SEM mounts, slug type, dia. 15mm x 10mm

    SLUG TYPE LARGE15 +/- 0.1mm dia. x 10mm high. For ISI and JEOL.
  • SEM mount, Hitachi, double 45 deg., dia. 25 x 4mm x M4

  • SEM mounts, angled 45 deg., dia. 15mm x H10mm x M4

    ANGLED SEM MOUNTSAngled 45 deg. , ⌀15 x H10mm x M4 threaded hole.
  • SEM mounts, Hitachi screw, 25mm dia.

    HITACHI SCREW MOUNTS25 dia. x 5mm high with internal thread.
  • SEM mounts, JEOL JSM 840, dia. 12.5mm x 5mm

    SLUG TYPE MOUNT⌀ 12.5mm x 5mm. For JEOL JSM 840.
  • SEM mounts, JEOL, dia. 32 x 5mm

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