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  • Tube rack, PP, for water baths, 30 x 15mL and 20 x 50mL tubes

    TUBE RACK FOR WATER BATHSEasy to assemble PP tube racks for 30 x 15mL and 20 x 50mL tubes. Designed for stable use in water baths. The holes are numbered...
  • Digital water bath

    DIGITAL WATER BATHS WITH WELLSMade from high quality stainless steel, these digital water baths use a microprocessor P.I.D controller to maintain the temperature keeping it it at a stable, high...
    From $413.00
  • Multi-purpose water bath, ambient +5 deg. C to 99 deg. C, with three attachments

    Multi-Purpose Water Bath - (Ambient +5 deg. C to 99 deg. C) Multi-purpose Water Bath has versatile usability and applications. Purchased as a full set or as a basic water...
    Price on Request
  • MyBath 4L water bath, digital

    MYBATH WATER BATHThis compact 4 litre water bath features easy to use controls that allow the user to digitally select and monitor temperature. Its hinged lid provides a secure, covered...
  • Oil/High Temperature Bath, 30L

    Oil/High Temperature Bath (Ambient +5 deg. C to 300 deg. C) Oil High Temperature Bath is manufactured in Australia with high quality stainless steel for easy maintenance and excellent durability....
    Price on Request
  • Paraffin section mounting bath, glass, with illumination

    PARAFFIN SECTION MOUNTING BATH, GLASS, WITH ILLUMINATIONThis instrument uses microprocessor control and a modular design for best reliability and precision. The low profile unit has a removable rectangular glass basin...
  • Paraffin section mounting bath, round

    PARAFFIN SECTION MOUNTING BATH, ROUNDThis tissue flotation bath features a microprocessor for precise temperature control. The proven, round design has a useful ledge for slide handling and drying.Thermometer rack included.SpecificationsExternal...
  • Sand bath, 370 deg. C, with wattage power control

    Sand Bath (up to +370ºC) Electrical Sand Baths with variable wattage control. Robust construction for continuous performance with aluminium alloy hotplate. Due to the asymmetrical, long-term heating system (hotplate corners...
    From $1,746.36
  • Super thermostatic bath, 15L

    SUPER THERMOSTATIC BATHFeatures Microprocessor for precise temperature control PT100 temperature sensor Sensor-damage protection and over-temperature warning Temperature fluctuation: ±0.05 deg. C Temperature display resolution: 0.1 deg. C Pump flow-rate: 8L/min...
    From $1,064.00
  • Super thermostatic oil bath, 260 deg. C

    SUPER THERMOSTATIC OIL BATH Cat. No. EZNCLGS130 EZNCLGS190 EZNCLGS240 EZNCLGS310 Container dimensions (mm) Ø130 x 60 Ø190 x 90 Ø240 x 150 Ø310 x 150 Container material Teflon combined with...
    Price on Request
  • Thermostatic reciprocal shaker water bath

    THERMOSTATIC RECIPROCATING WATER BATH SHAKERIdeal for a wide range of applications in biology and chemistry. The bath may be used as a heated shaking bath, just for shaking at ambient...
  • Transparent water bath, 8L

    TRANSPARENT WATER BATHFeatures Effectively prevent leakage of steam Intelligent, high precision temperature control Digital display with high brightness Made from transparent acrylic sheets and can clearly see objects that are...
  • Water bath, constant temp, SS, ambient +5 deg. C to 100 deg. C, digital controller

    Water Bath - Constant Temp. with Stirrer (Ambient +5 deg. C to 100 deg. C)Constant Temperature Water Bath with a Top Mounted Stirrer is manufactured in Australia with high quality...
    From $807.84
  • Water still, single distilled, 4L/h, premium

    WATER STILL, 4L/HExcellent quality European-made water still for single distilled water. This is an "all glass still" as the element is covered by a quartz sheets. Water used in applications...
    Price on Request
  • Low temperature thermostatic bath

    LOW TEMPERATURE THERMOSTATIC BATHFeatures Microprocessor for precise temperature control. PT100 temperature sensor. Fast cooling system. Low noise and vibration. Convenient for movement with folding handles. Water outlet for 15L, 20L...
    Price on Request
  • Water still, single distilled, 4L/h, economy

    WATER STILL, SINGLE DISTILLED, 4L/HFeatures Output 4L/h Chromium plated heater PYREX borosilicate glass components Easy maintenance Provision for wall mounting Distilled water qualitypH: 5.5 - 6.0Conductivity, tap water, deionised: 3...
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