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These lapping discs are quite superior to "diamond sandpaper" or polishing with a slurry. The dull side of the disc holds the diamond particles. Well graded diamond particles are resin embedded to a uniform 0.076mm thickness and bonded to a polyester film backing. Diamond particles are embedded in the upper layer of the lapping film.

Few particles are released during the grinding and polishing process, and therefore very few coarse grains are transferred to a finer polish, thus avoiding scratches. Additionally, grinding particles are rarely embedded in the polished surface, which is a common problem when polishing soft materials like plastics or gold. Diamond lapping films are ideal for the preparation of cross sections for SEM/TEM prior to dispersive analysis. Ceramics, silicon wafers, metals and geological sections, particularly during the polishing stages, are better prepared with diamond lapping films. They are also excellent for polishing samples of differing hardness. Diamond Lapping Films are particularly suited to de-knobbing and cutting epoxy on optical fibre connectors as well as polishing and final polishing of the fibre for least-loss signal transmission. See our link on polishing of fibre optics.

Long service life overcomes the initial greater cost of lapping films versus conventional grinding and polishing.
Available in 203mm and 305mm discs with plain back or pressure sensitive adhesive back (PSA).

Total solutions for your polishing needs - Fiber optic polishing & selection guide

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