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Apiezon ; N is a speciality grease for various cryogenic uses, including for vacuum sealing at very low to warm temperatures where its vapour pressure is very low, making it suitable for high vacuum applications. Type N does not craze or crack at low temperatures, has good thermal conductivity at low temperatures and is ideal for mounting sensors and other devices. It has very low levels of magnetic susceptibility which makes it suitable for some superconductor applications. Cycling between absolute zero and +40 deg. C is well tolerated by Apiezon ; N. It is frequently used as a jointing medium on cryostat flanges where its larger contact area, compared with that of indium wire, provides much better thermal transfer. Applications include cryo-systems on electron microscopes, cryostats, magnetic image resonance systems, sealing of vacuum parts including glass joints and as a heat sink.

There are many types of grease currently available, such as PFPE based products that quote operating temperatures well below 0 deg. C. However, nearly all these products have a quoted operating temperature range limit of -80 deg. C. Typical heatsink compounds are only quoted as working down to -50 deg. C. The one exception is hydrocarbon based grease (with proprietary additives) which can operate all the way down to -269 deg. C, the temperature at which liquid helium boils.

Specialized Hydrocarbon-based Grease for Cryogenic Applications

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