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APIEZON ; T GREASE\tApiezon T grease is a filled hydrocarbon grease for general sealing and lubrication in the medium temperature range. It is not suited for highly stressed bearings but excels in sticking power, is suitable for high to low vacua and is not silicone based.
It is suitable for use between 10 and 120 deg. C and retains its best characteristics between 25 and 50 deg. C. It features a tenacious consistency and thus extra cushioning between mated surfaces. It is superb for delicate glass joints for example.
In its lower temperature range it is suited for high vacuum applications, down to 10-9 torr; at 100 deg. C it is still suitable down to 10-5 torr.
Apiezon T, like other greases in that family has a strong "gettering" action. It will absorb greasy or chemical contaminants from metal surfaces. The product has no contaminating effect on electrical equipment and is easily removed by hydrocarbon solvents.
Apiezon T has found a niche as a reliable barrier to oxygen transmission in both vacuum and non-vacuum applications.
NATO and the US Navy approve it for use.
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