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  • Full-automatic cutting with adjustable speed and three cutting modes: continuous, step and single.
  • Streamlined ABS body for easy cleaning.
  • Control and display by LED screen.
  • Trimming button for easy switching between trimming and sectioning mode.
  • Specimen retraction function protects specimen from blade damage.
  • Counting function for sections - number of section pieces and total thickness.
  • Internationally accepted slide mechanism and groove ensures the precision of specimen movement while making the unit free from lubrication and maintenance requirements.
  • Balanced hand wheel for smoother and more comfortable rotation.
  • Two safety locking mechanisms on the hand wheel; one locks at the top; the other locks in any position

The disposable blade can be moved horizontally to avoid unintended contact with the blade. Blade cut specimens

using a third of its lengths assuring best use of blades

  • The magnetic waste tray collects sectioning debris, easily removable for cleaning.
  • Adjustable specimen clamp base helps to quickly change cassette clamp or pincers clamp.
  • Specimen orientation on X/Y axes 8 deg. , cassette clamp and C clamp optional.
  • Sound warning for forward and backward limitation.
  • Emergency stop.
  • Optional foot switch.
  • Self-diagnostic prompt


  • Section thickness range: 1- 100Micrometre
  • Section thickness setting:
    • 1 - 20Micrometre, in 1Micrometre increment
    • 20 - 60Micrometre, in 5Micrometre increments
    • 60 - 100Micrometre, in 10Micrometre increments
  • Trimming thickness range: 10 - 600Micrometre
  • Trimming thickness setting:
    • 1 - 20Micrometre, in 1Micrometre increment
    • 10 - 20Micrometre, in 2Micrometre increments
    • 20 - 50Micrometre, in 5Micrometre increments
    • 50 - 100Micrometre, in 10Micrometre increments
    • 100 - 600Micrometre, in 50Micrometre increments
  • Specimen retraction: 5 - 95Micrometre, in 5Micrometre increments
  • Vertical specimen stroke: 70mm
  • Horizontal specimen stroke: 25mm
  • Max specimen size with cassette clamp: 28 x 40mm
  • Max specimen size with C deg. Clamp: 55 x 40mm
  • Dimensions (W x D x H): 560 x 470 x 300mm
  • Weight: 35kg
  • Electrical: 230VAC 50Hz 75W
  • Automatic section speed: 10 - 60 pieces/min adjustable
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