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Ergonomically designed zoom stereo microscope with parallel optics, high magnification and high zoom ratio. The base has a wide front and rounded corners, allowing operators to work while resting their arms in a natural position. Focusing controls are positioned to minimise fatigue.

OZOOM1020 incorporates a powerful combination of advanced optical and ergonomic capabiliy. With high NA objectives the OZOOM1020 can handle some of the same advanced image techniques that compound instrument users have long enjoyed.

Trinoculars have a moving prism assembly that directs light either to the eyepieces or towards the camera. Some trinoculars are either 100% of the light to the camera or 100% of the light to the eyepieces. The best modern trinoculars have at least three positions. These trinoculars allow either 100% to the eyepieces, 80% camera and 20% eyepieces or 100% to the camera.

Standard Features Optional Accessories
  • Parallel optical system, trinocular, 20° inclined
  • Interpupillary distance: 52 - 75mm
  • Diopter adjustment: ±5°
  • Continuous magnification, zoom ratio is 1:10
  • Magnification of objective: 0.8x - 8x
  • Objective: plan 1x
  • Working distance: 78mm
  • Field of view: 25.7 - 8.8mm
  • Eyepiece WF10x/F.N.22
  • Airtight - prevents contamination from dust, oil, and water
  • Anti-mould: can be used in hot, humid environments
  • Anti-electrostatic: meets ESD requirements
  • Post stand with LED transmission light, 76mm holder
  • Quality dustcover & spare bulb
  • 0.5x C-mount for use w/ C-mount cameras
  • Auxiliary objectives: 0.5x, WD=123mm
  • Trinocular Light Distributor w/ 1x C-mount
  • Eyepiece: WF15x/F.N.16, WF20x/F.N.12
  • Field of view: 0.9 - 55mm
  • LED Ringlight
  • Digital C-mount camera
  • Boom stands - see below (ask for a price!)
10x/22 15x/16 20x/12.5
Magnification Field of View (mm) Magnification Field of View (mm) Magnification Field of View (mm)
8-80x 25.7-8.8 12-120x 20.0-2.0 16-160x 15.6-1.6
4-40x 55.0-5.6 6-60x 40.0-4.0 8-80x 32.2-3.2

Packed dimensions & weight
Head: 1 carton, 330 x 280 x 150mm, G.W. 3kg
Stand: 1 carton, 360 x 30 x 400mm, G.W. 7kg (with LED) 6kg (without LED)

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