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This benchtop centrifuge has a maximum speed of 5500r/min, maximum RCF of 5310 x g and a maximum capacity of 2000mL (4 x 500mL). FL550 is controlled by a microprocessor with a touch panel display. It is also equipped with an AC brushless motor, which makes it maintenance and carbon dust free. Several rotors and adapters are available for specific uses and different tube configurations.


  • Electric lid interlock for safe operation
  • The minimum time is one second and the minimum speed is 300r/min (speed accuracy: 30r/min)
  • Fast acceleration and deceleration function.
  • RCF value can be calculated automatically with self-balance function
  • LED or LCD display
Cat. No. FL550
Maximum speed 5500r/min
Maximum RCF 5310 x g
Maximum capacity 2000mL (4 x 500mL)
Time setting range 0 - 99min (LED)
1s - 99min 59s (LCD)
Shortest Acc/Dec time 30/28s
Speed control accuracy ±30r/min
Electrical AC230V 50Hz 6A
Noise level <65dB(A)
Dimension (L x W x H) 470 x 560 x 380mm
Weight 52kg
Cat. No. Rotor Maximum speed Maximum RCF Capacity Tube size Tube type
FL550-R1-1210 NO1 Angle rotor 5500 5310 12 x 10mL 16 x 100 Glass/PP
FL550-R2-4500 NO2 Swing rotor (round cup) 4000 3040 4 x 500mL 80 x 140 PP
FL550-R2-A4250 Adapter 4 x 250mL 62 x 124 PP flat bottom
FL550-R2-A4350 Adapter 4 x 3 x 50mL 30 x 100~130 PP (conical or round bottom)
FL550-R2-A4720 Adapter 4 x 7 x 20mL 20 x 100~115 PP
FL550-R2-A4915 Adapter 4 x 9 x 15mL 17 x 105 PP (conical or round bottom)
FL550-R2-A4195 Adapter 4 x 19 x 5mL 14 x 100 Vacuum blood collection tube
FL550-R2-4375 Swing bucket rotor 4000 3040 4 x 37 x 5mL 13 x 70 Glass RIA-tubes
FL550-R2-4247 4 x 24 x 7mL 13 x 70~100 Vacuum blood collection tube
FL550-R2-A4450 Rectangular bucket Adapter 4000 3040 4 x 4 x 50mL 30 x 100~130 PP (conical or round bottom)
FL550-R2-A41015 Adapter 4 x 10 x 15mL 17 x 105 PP (conical or round bottom)
FL550-R2-A42010 Adapter 4 x 20 x 10mL 16 x 100 Glass round bottom or vacuum blood collection tube
FL550-R2-A4285 Adapter 4 x 28 x 5mL 14 x 80~100 Vacuum blood collection tube
FL550-R2-A42515 Adapter 4 x 25 x 1.5mL 11 x 37 Eppendorf tube
FL550-R2-4296 Rectangular bucket for microplate 4000 3040 4 x 2 x 96 well 86 x 128 96 well microplate
FL550-R3-2296 NO3 Microplate rotor 4000 2200 2 x 2 x 96 well 86 x 128 96 well microplate
FL550-R4-4501 NO4 Swing rotor 5000 4390 4 x 50mL 35 x 101~130 Glass
FL550-R4-4502 30 x 116 PP
FL550-R4-4100 5000 4390 4 x 100mL 37 x 124 PP
FL550-R5-850 NO5 Swing rotor 4200 3100 8 x 50mL 30 x 116 PP (conical or round bottom)
FL550-R5-8100 4200 3100 8 x 100mL 37 x 124 PP
FL550-R5-3215 4200 3100 32 x 15mL, 10mL, 7mL (adapter) 17 x 105 Glass/PP /Urine sediment tube
FL550-R5- 4200 3100 64 x 5mL/7mL 13~14 x 70~100 Glass RIA-tubes
FL550-R5- 4200 3100 4 x 12 x 5mL/7mL/10mL 13~14 x 70~100 Vacuum blood collection tube


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