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C-flat is a holey carbon film supported by a standard TEM grid. C-flat products are fully specified by 4 parameters: the hole diameter and pitch of the holey carbon film and the material type and mesh size of the TEM grid. The following image illustrates these parameters: Standard Products The breadth of applications in cryoTEM necessitate a wide range of holey carbon film patterns. And now, with the recent expansion of the product line, a C-flat holey carbon film is available for almost any application. Whether 600nm holes are needed for very high magnifications with ultra-high resolution cameras or large open areas are needed for larger specimens, C-flat is the perfect holey carbon grid.

C-flat is immediately available in several standard array patterns including hole diameters/hole spaciings

Code Hole Size Hole spacing
1.0um 1.0um
EMSCF213-100-AU 1.2um 1.3um
EMSCF205-100-AU 2.0um 0.5um
EMSCF212-100-AU 2.0um 1.0um
EMSCF222C-100-AU 2.0um 2.0um
EMSCF242-100-AU 2.0um 4.0um
EMSCF241-100-AU 4.0um 4.0um
EMSCF422-100-AU 4.0um 2.0um

C-flat is supported by your choice of a 200 mesh or 400 mesh copper TEM grid and sold in quantities of 25, 50, or 100. Thick Products C-flat is available in a thick option that doubles the carbon thickness from approximately 20nm to 40nm. 

Available in quantities of 50 and 100 per pack.

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