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Kodak Scientific Imaging Systems manufactures nuclear track material, type NTB, for use in the detection of radio labelled samples in techniques such as in-situ hybridisation.

This emulsion is specifically designed to:

  • facilitate microscopic examination of individual silver grains in the developed emulsion layer.
  • confirm the passage of ionising radiation.

NTB has a high silver-to-gelatin ratio of very fine, uniform silver grains (which results in high resolution), and a very low level of background fog.

NTB-2 and NTB-3
In 2004 NTB Liquid Emulsion became the replacement for both NTB-2 and NTB-3 emulsion products. The NTB emulsion can be used for the lower as well as the higher energy isotopes. The only difference between the new NTB emulsion and the NTB-2 emulsion is that the undeveloped silver grain size in the NTB emulsion is .40 micrometers, whereas the undeveloped silver grain size in the NTB-2 emulsion is .26 micrometers, thus making the new NTB emulsion grain size slightly larger. Procedures used in processing and developing slides, and requirements for the darkroom remain the same. Because of the size of the undeveloped silver grain, the NTB emulsion is slightly more sensitive. Many factors influence the performance of emulsion and/or technique used. These include: the isotope used, characteristics of the labelled compound, nature of the specimen and the kind of results desired.
Emulsion Data Sheet

Dip Miser: vessel for dipping single slides using minimal solution

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