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The CDMS Critical Dimensions and Magnification Standard is made on an ultra flat silicon substrate with a precise 50um chromium deposition for the features up to 5um and a combination of 50um gold over 20um chromium for the features sizes from 2um to 100um. The Cr and Au/Cr on Si provides excellent contrast both in SE and BSE imaging mode. The features are easier to determine than on etched Si standards. Since the silicon substrate, the chromium and the chromium/gold features are all conductive there are no charging issues with this calibration standard. Due to its sturdy construction the CDMS standard can be cleaned using a plasma cleaner.

The smaller features are nested for easy navigation and quick calibration. The accuracy of the features is 0.3% or better. The actual size of the standard is 2.5 x 2.5mm with a thickness of 625um +/-25um. There is no coating on the Si surface. Each CDMS calibration standard has a unique identification number.

CDMS-1T is fully traceable with features from 2.0mm to 1um for a magnification range from 10x - 20,000x; ideal for desk top SEMs and low to medium magnification applications.

Global certificate of traceability for critical dimension standard.

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