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Clear-Mount is a direct substitute for Biomeda Cystal/Mount.
Fluoro-Gel is a direct substitute for Biomeda Gel/Mount.
Both are also available with an alternative buffer (PIPE for Clear-Mount and TES for Fluoro-Gel) for a more stable pH.
These non-hazardous, water-based mounting media are ideal for mounting immunohistochemical stained tissues, which can be damaged by, or are soluble in, organic solvents such as xylene or toluene. Hence, tissue sections stained with chromagens such as 3-amino-9-ethyl carbazole and those using coupled dye systems with BCIP, naphthol-phosphate salts, etc. are best preserved using aqueous mounting media. Clear-Mount allows for post-mounting of the specimens with Permount mounting medium.
Application: Fluorescence microscopy
Storage: 0 - 5 deg. C
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