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A serious reusable tool for the professional user. The cell is made of high quality optical glass with a chromium surface grid image. It is intended for continued professional use and whenever using phase contrast.
The glass base is 75mm x 40mm x 2mm thick and has a Stainless steel frame cemented on the surface. This chamber is 50mm long x 20mm wide and 1mm deep and its base is marked with a grid of one thousand 1mm squares. When filled with liquid and with a cover glass placed over the chamber, a 1ml volume of liquid is trapped.
Important Note. Lugols, the compound that is often used in these analyses, is very aggressive. It is best to keep the time that lugols spends in the chamber to a minimum and then it should be washed out promptly and thoroughly using normal laboratory soap solutions. Do not use heat in the analysis or drying process.
Coverglass is included.
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