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For cell counting, including 2 pieces of haemocytometer coverglass, without metal clamps, individually packed in plastic boxes.
These chambers are German made and thoroughly tested by the manufacturer. For an additional fee - and about 2 months lead time, we can supply gauged counting cells that have been certified by the German State Authority.

Name: Depth: Name: Depth:
Burker 0.1mm Malassez 0.2mm
Burker-Turk 0.1mm Fuchs-Rosenthal 0.2mm
Neubauer 0.1mm Nageotte 0.5mm
Neubauer-improved 0.1mm Lemaur 0.4mm
Thoma-new 0.1mm Agasse-Lafont B 0.5mm
Thoma 0.1mm Agasse-Lafont R 0.1mm
Schilling-Crossed Net 0.1mm Jessen 0.4mm
Schilling-Uniform Net 0.1mm Helber Bacteria 0.02mm
Ballast 0.5mm

Helber Bacteria chamber - A one piece chamber with Thoma ruling on a single round plateau. The Helber Chamber is used for bacteria and sperm counting. Cell Depth is 0.02mm ± 1% (1/50mm). Volume of 1mm2: 0.02µL. BS748.
User note for Helber chamber
Malassez - This is a 2 cell counting chamber for haemacytes and leucocytes with a Malassez ruling 1/400mm2. Cell depth 0.2mm ± 1% (1/20mm). Volume of 1mm2: 0.2µL. Complete with 1 pair of cover glasses. This chamber is rhodium coated. Rectangular ruling covering an area of 5mm². Large rectangles measure 0.25 x 0.20mm (= 0.05mm²). They are each divided into 20 squares with an area of 0.0025mm².
Thoma-new - The small squares in the central large square measure 0.0025mm². As in the Thoma chamber the outer large squares are not completed. This chamber is used for counting thrombocytes and erythrocytes.
Nageotte - A two cell chamber for low leucocyte concentrations below the capabilities of a standard Haemacytometer. 40 rectangular areas in 0.25mm spaced vertical lines. The Nageotte can accurately measure down to 0.1 cell/mL (100 cell/mL). Cell Depth is 0.5mm ± 1% (1/2mm). Total Volume of 1mm2 of the grid is 0.5µL. This chamber is rhodium coated.

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