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For cell counting, including 2 pieces of haemocytometer coverglass, without metal clamps, individually packed in plastic boxes. These chambers are UK made and thoroughly tested by the manufacturer, Lo - Laboroptik.

This is today's preferred counting chamber. The chamber depth is 0.100 mm. The power division of this chamber has 3 * 3 large squares of 1 mm². The 4 corner squares are for counting leucocytes. The large square in the center is also divided into 5 * 5 group squares with a side length of 0.2 mm and with an area of 0.04 mm² each. The group of squares in turn are divided into 16 mm² smallest squares of 0.0025 mm. Five of these group squares are used for the red blood cell count. deserves special attention that the chamber has triple boundary lines, of which the middle line is the actual dimension line to be considered. This is important for assessing whether cells that are on the fringe count or not.

As above counting chambers, but with brightlines. These counting cells have a semi transparent rhodium coating, This reverses polarity and enhances specimen contrast, which is most useful in bright field microscopy when viewing unstained cells.

The Ballast counting cell is 0.5mm deep, it has two chambers each 10mm square. The squares are divided into 20 x 20 alphanumerically indexed, smaller squares. Designed for counting cells in ship's ballast water; brightlined.

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