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Digital external micrometers with large display and data output. Supplied in a foam lined plastic box with calibrating bar and spanner for battery replacement. The calibrating bar can also be used for making smaller measurements.
After a particular reading is "zeroed" a subsequent measurement is shown as the difference. The zero function does not hold the reading in memory as does the R/A/REL. When a reading is placed in "hold" the measurement is retained even when the calipers are moved or when the calipers are switched off. Pressing "hold" again resumes normal functions.
The upper and lower tolerance may be set and while the reading is within the tolerance, "OK" is shown. Otherwise an up or down error indicates when the tolerance is exceeded.
The first measurement when "R/A" is pressed is placed in memory. Then a second reading may be taken, which is shown as a difference. Press R/A again and the second setting is placed into memory overwriting the previous reading.
Reset brings any reading to zero, however, when reset is held and the or - sign is also pressed any reading may be entered and this new value becomes the value of "reset". That new value may be zeroed by holding "reset" and pressing or - buttons until zero is reached. The /- buttons speed up when held.
The blue mm/inch conversion button functions as the "on" button. "Off" is automatic after 4 minutes of non-use, but pressing the conversion button restores the last setting.
A locking lever locks the micrometer screw.

SUM2-025 functions have been changed. They now include: ASB/inch/mm selection and OFF/ON/ZERO/SET.

Functions: mm/inch selection, tolerance indication, absolute/relative zero (reset), data hold, data output.
Resolution: 0.001mm
Accuracy: 0.002 - 0.003mm
Range: 0 - 25mm, 25 - 50mm, 50 - 75mm, 75 -1 00mm
Power: auto on/off
Power supply: silver oxide cell battery 1.5V
Operating temperature: 0 to 40 deg. C
Storage temperature: -20 deg. C to 70 deg. C
Humidity: no influence up to RH 80%

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