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GDQ-JA series normally closed pneumatic high vacuum baffle valve is turned by a solenoid valve to rely on air power as the opening and closing valve plate in the loss of power or compressed air when the valve diameter DN80 following spring force will rely on self-closing valve door, DN100 and above using one-way valve through the solenoid valve cylinder valve quickly closed the original gas supply pressure to automatically close the valve. Vacuum system to achieve the cut off the flow of the function.
GDQ-J model for the angle-pass type, GDQ-S model for the mouth of the links with pre-pumping type. Applicable to the work of the media to air and non-corrosive gases.

Technical Performance

Scope (Pa) 105~1.3x10-4
Valve leakage rate (Pa. L/S) ≤1.3x10-5
Medium temperature (°C) -25~ 80 (Sealing material NBR)
-30~ 150 (Seal material FKM)
Air pressure (MPa) 0.4~0.8
Installation location DN < 300 Random?DN ≥ 300 Vertical
Supply voltage standard factory AC230V 50Hz
Special designation AC110V, DC24V, DC12V, etc
Signal feedback standard factory non-feedback signal
Special designation magnetic switch DC/AC5 ~ 240V

Connection and dimensions

Model Nominal diameter(DN) ØD ØB A Flange Standard
VGDQ-J10A/KF 10 30 12.2 30 GB4982
VGDQ-J16A/KF 16 30 17.2 40 GB4982
VGDQ-J25A/KF 25 40 26.2 50 GB4982
VGDQ-J40A/KF 40 55 41.2 65 GB4982
VGDQ-J50A/KF 50 75 52.2 70 /
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