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Natural, hard gelatine capsules. To be used as an embedding mould for water miscible resins, or resins which need to be cured by transmitted light. For non-water miscible resins, dry capsules in a 60 deg. C oven. Gelatine capsules dissolve or disintegrate within 5 minutes when immersed in a 0.5% HCl solution at 36-38 deg. C, within 2 minutes in artificial gastric juice at 37 deg. C or in hot, about 60 deg. C, water.
Suitable for embedding in resins which require UV or other light polymerisation.
Larger gelatine capsules, up to 66 x 22mm, are available on indent (2 weeks). These are ideal for storing delicate or small items. They may also be used as embedding moulds for paraffin or paraplast. The large capsules have a locking ring. A variety of sizes is available.

Cat. No. Size Diameter (mm) Volume (mL)
000 9.55 1.37
00 8 1
0 7 0.8
1 6 0.5
4 5.05 0.21
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