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Malleable indium is recommended for static seals in very high vacuum systems. Indium also produces excellent evaporated coatings. These are used in the physical sciences, including for the production of efficient, tarnish resistant mirrors and as a low melting point solder, using pure indium or alloyed.
These wires are produced to 99.999% purity and guaranteed to be no less than 99.99% pure indium.

Indium: At. wt. 114.82; at. no. 49; m.p. 156.6 degrees C; b.p. 2080 degrees C; sp. gr. 7.31; valence 1,2 or 3.
For practical considerations indium is non-toxic.

Sealing with indium
Indium is used as a sealant to bond non-wetting surfaces. Using a compression seal made from indium, one can join glass, ceramics and metals. Compression breaks the oxide layer and creates a bond between indium and substrate.
Indium seals are especially useful where low temperatures and physical vibrations are concerns. Cryogenic and high vacuum environments are areas where indium seals have become an essential component of the manufacturing process.
Indium is favoured in high vacuum electron microscope vacuum seals since the material perfectly moulds into existing surfaces and forms a tight, but easily broken and renewed bond in static positions. The seal remains perfect up to the melting point of indium - which is greater than the vacuum-bake temperature in these systems. Outgassing is very low and of a nature that does not impair instrument performance.
For larger quantities ask for a quotation. Indium requirements for EM are small, but we can supply large commercial quantities at BEST prices.

VIN15PD - The PD suffixed 1.5mm indium wire is identical to the VIn15, except it was badly wound and therefore is marginal for vacuum sealing applications. Perfect though for evaporation and low temperature soldering.

We supply indium products at wholesale prices, inquire
Prices are for indium wire now in stock. New stock would need to be priced on current cost.
Orders for greater length will be supplied in one, at most 2 pieces.

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