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Apiezon OILS

Consist of esters or specially selected hydrocarbon fractions. They were developed for vapour-diffusion pump fluids:

  • High purity, very low pressure, very stable.
  • Pressures lower than 10-7 torr obtainable
  • No need for cold trap.
  • Good pumping speed.
  • No corrosive deposits or vapours.

Physical Properties of Apiezon Oil Type C (now Invoil C)

Diffusion Pump Oil Type C
Vapour Pressure,torr @20 deg. C 10-7
Boiling Point, deg. C @ 1 torr 225
Flash Point (open cup) deg. F 510
Pour Point(ASTM) deg. F 5
Density, g/mL @ 20 deg. C 0.875
@ 40 deg. C 0.863
Viscosity, kinematic,cS @ 20 deg. C 283
@ 50 deg. C 90
@ 100 deg. C 10.6
Coefficient of Expansion per
deg. C over 20-30 deg. C (ASTM) 0.00069
Thermal Conductivity Btu/in 0.96

Obtains the highest vacuum pressure (10-7 torr) of the Apiezon oils without the need of a cold trap. Suitable for most diffusion pump applications, including in electron microscopes and in vacuum coaters. This is an economic and effective substitute for Santovac 5 fluid. It should be noted that the ultimate vacuum is dependent on a suitably high backing vacuum and the out-gasing of TEM film and column components. Consequently the ultimate vacuum attained with Invoil C (Apiezon C) is very close to the theoretically much superior Santovac 5.

This product is not hazardous and does not require an MSDS.
A safety data sheet is available at apiezon.com

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