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Product Code: W31-10

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pH-Fix test strips, Non-Bleeding


  • In contrast to conventional pH papers, the indicator dyes of pH-Fix strips are substantially bound to the cellulose fibres, therefore colour-bleeding, even in strongly basic solutions, is avoided.
  • Measurement of pH value is possible even in unbuffered or very weakly buffered solutions, since the sticks can be left in the solution until the final colour change is completed.
  • Test samples are not contaminated by the indicator dyes.
  • Colours of the individual colour fields cannot run into each other, allowing for a more precise comparison with the colour scale.
  • Recently developed indicator dyes guarantee a sharp differentiation between the individual pH values and a clear and easy comparison to the colour scale.
  • Four different pH papers measuring 6 x 5mm, are bonded onto a 6 x 85mm plastic strip. The strips are sufficiently long to avoid contact between the fingers and the test sample.
  • Box/100
Code Range
W31-10 0.0 - 14.0, graduation 1.0
W31-15 0.0 - 6.0, graduation 0.5
W31-18 2.0 - 9.0, graduation 0.5
W31-20 4.5 - 10.0, graduation 0.5
W31-25 7.0 - 14.0, graduation 0.5
W31-35 1.7 - 3.9, graduation 0.3
W31-40 3.6 - 6.1, graduation 0.3/0.5
W31-45 5.1 - 7.2, graduation 0.3
W31-50 6.0 - 7.7, graduation 0.3/0.4
W31-55 7.5 - 9.5, graduation 0.2/0.4
W31-60 7.9 - 9.8, graduation 0.2/0.4
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