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The OXJS304 microscope is our standard biological compound microscope. It uses an infinity plan achromatic optical system and is suitable for students and professionals seeking an affordable, high quality instrument. Chromatic aberrations and curvature of field are both ideally corrected over the field of view. The objectives have a higher numerical aperture (NA) providing clear images with minimal flare. Chromatic aberrations and curvature of field are both ideally corrected over the field of view. The design allows for the user to rest the arms comfortably on the table whilst adjusting the focus. The X/Y stage can easily be moved using a knob on the right, below the stage. Heat-sink design keeps the microscope at lower temperature after long time work.

Various accessories are available to meet your applications for observations of light field, phase contrast, dark field and simply polarisation attaches. They can be found below under the OXJS500T microscope.

Standard Features Optional Accessories
  • Infinity optical system F=200mm
  • Quadruple nosepiece, inward
  • Coarse and fine knob focusing, division 0.001mm, max: 20mm
  • Condenser: swing type NA=1.25 (O) with the Iris diaphragm
  • Quality dustcover
  • Spare bulb
  • Siedentopf trinocular tube, interpupillary distance 52~75mm, 30 deg. inclined,
  • Trinocular light is split 50/50 by a high quality prism.
  • Stage size: 142 x 135mm, moving range: 76 x 52mm
  • Stage size: 156 x 138mm, moving range: 76 x 54mm
  • Eyepiece
    • WF10x/18mm with the high point
  • Eyepieces
    • WF10x/20mm with the high point
    • WF10x/18mm (pointer) with the high point
    • WF10x/20mm (pointer) with the high point
    • WF10x/18mm (0.1mm)
    • WF10x/20mm (0.1mm)
    • WF16x/14mm
  • Objectives
    • Plan Achromatic 4x/0.10
    • Plan Achromatic 10x/0.25
    • Plan Achromatic 40x/0.65
    • Plan Achromatic 100x/1.25 (S,O)
  • Objectives
    • Plan Achromatic 20x/0.40
    • Plan Achromatic 60x
    • Plan Phase Contrast 10x/0.25
    • Plan Phase Contrast 40x (S)
    • Plan Phase Contrast 100x (S, O)
  • Illumination
    • 3W LED lamp, adjustable
  • Illumination
    • 6V 30W halogen lamp, adjustable
    • 6V 20W halogen lamp, adjustable
  • C-mount
    • 0.5x
  • C-mount
    • 1x
    • 0.25x
  • Filter (⌀ 31.84mm)
    • Blue
    • Defused light
  • Filters (⌀ 31.84mm)
    • Green
    • Yellow
    • Grass Glass

1 carton, G.W. 9.1kg, N.W.6.7kg, Dimensions: 480 x 470 x 280mm

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