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Silicone pin mats hold operating instruments in position, supported by soft spines. Lifting instruments off this mat is safer and easier since tools are supported by small protrusions, contaminants are not transferred to other tools, but drain through holes in the mat. These mats are easily cleaned and tolerate numerous cycles in an autoclave.

The silicone sterilisation tray mats are manufactured in line with RoHS and FDA standards, and can be used to cushion, protect and organise surgical instruments for sterilisation. Perforations allow for proper exposure and ventilation during the sterilisation process. The silicone pin mats can also be cut into smaller sections to fit any size basket or box.

Silicone is well known for its use in food, pharmaceutical and other clean industry applications and offers many advantages over other elastomers. It is non-toxic, easy to clean and does not retain odours. It is a resilient material, capable of maintaining many of its properties at extremely low and high temperatures (-40°C to 250°C). It is naturally electrically insulating. Silicone is highly tear-resistant and is unaffected by many solvents, including petrol.

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