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The K1050X Plasma Treatment Unit consists of a solid state RF generator and associated tuning circuits, dual process gas flow monitoring needle valve control and full or restricted vent control.
It has a cylindrical chamber with a rack out drawer system for ease of sample loading.
The vacuum system is a dual stage separate rotary vacuum pump or optional turbo pump backed by diaphragm pump.
The rack out drawer system can be exchanged for a vacuum loading port, for special cleaning applications in SEM/TEM.
This usually employs an oxygen/argon mix of gases, the oxygen removing the organic material (hydrocarbons) and the argon giving a surface etching of the sample.


  • Asbestos sample preparation
  • Microincineration of organic material
  • Etching of organic samples for SEMandTEM work
  • Removal of Photoresist and electronic component encapsulations
  • Surface treatment of plastics
  • Cleaning of SEM/TEM sample holders


  • Solid state RF generator and associated tuning circuits
  • Fully automatic control
  • Rack out drawer
  • Dual process gas flow
  • Compact bench-top system


  • Low temperature ashing process
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy loading/removal of samples
  • Can select a mixture of gases
  • Space saving

Specification of the K1050X Plasma Unit:

  • Instrument case: 450mm W x 350mm D x 300mm H.
  • Barrel work chamber: 'Pyrex' 160mm L x 110mm dia. (Borosilicate Glass as standard.)
  • Rack out drawer: Sliding draw assembly with sample holder tray.
  • Plasma output: RF power supply - Solid state 150 Watt RF peak, normal operating range 25 to 75 Watt @ 13.56mhz.
  • (Note: The frequency used is that allocated by the International Standards CISPR as an allowed 'industrial' frequency.)
  • Vacuum gauge: active gauge head with fully operating vacuum range display (ATM to 1x10-5 mbar. Full scale - normal operating vacuum 0.5mbar to1.0mbar)
  • Digital timer unit: Displays elapsed time with range select: 99.9Hours. Automatic termination of ashing process.
  • Dual gas flow gauges: Dual gas needle valve flow control, selectable for 1 or 2 or both gasses (calibrated 5 to 100cm3/minute Air @ A.T.P.)
  • Weight: 25kg.
  • Supply: 230Volts 50Hz (5 amp max. including. pump)
  • Services: Process gas at nominal 5 psi, (0.33bar)
  • Recommended vacuum pump: No. 3 pump (with a synthetic oil 'Fomblin' for oxygen or corrosive process gases.) 2m3/Hr

Optional Accessories

  • EK3170 - Diaphragm pump MD1 23 L/M
  • Fomblinised rotary pump - see page V4 and K6
  • EK3171 - XDS5 Scroll pump (oil free)
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