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Compact and efficient small Japanese made pumps, especially designed for clean-room use, in the manufacture of semiconductor devices, for evacuating medium sized vacuum desiccators or for suction on a filter flask. These pumps are useful for numerous other applications where an intermediate vacuum is required or when considerable water vapour is pumped.

Diaphragm pumps are a proficient and environmentally friendly alternative to water jet pumps. They do not consume water and, therefore, do not produce contaminated waste water.
Note: A larger diaphragm pump is available in the Emitech range (K pages). However, it should be noted that larger diaphragm pumps, when compared with rotary pumps (also called mechanical or fore-pumps) are a little noisier, require a little more maintenance, do not achieve as good an ultimate vacuum and are more expensive. The advantage of being totally oil-free remains and it is known that rotary pump oil can contaminate a system, streaming past the diffusion pump. Arguments for a diaphragm pump backing a turbo-molecular pump are weak, since that pump's action scarcely allows oil vapour into the pumped space.


  • Oil-free for clean-room use
  • Spark-less electro magnetic drive
  • Long term high reliability
  • Designed to minimise noise generation
  • Compact design with strong Nylon housing
  • Inlet and outlet HEPA filters


Cat. No. VFV-30 VFV-60
Pumping Power 2.5 l/min (0.088 cfm)
Ultimate Pressure -300 mmHg (-40 kPa) -600 mmHg (-80 kPa)
Power Requirement as required VAC
Consumption Power 5.0 W 10.0 W
Dimensions (DxWxH) 132 x 76 x 67mm 140 x 80 x 140mm
Weight 800g 1250g
Duty Cycle Continuous
Life Expectancy > 8760 hours
Wafer Size Up to 6-inch 8 and 12-inch

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) Safe Tubing
Static-Dissipative Grounding Kit

HEPA filter specifications
Water filtering time: 20s (Do not let the pump "inhale" liquid!); pressure loss: 0.42kPa; trapping efficiency: 99.99% of 0.3Micrometre particles; maximum filter temperature: 120 deg. C Manufacturer is ISO9001 certified.

VFV30-240 and VFV60-240 are suitable for Australia, New Zealand, Europe and other countries with a voltage of 220 - 240V.
VFV30-110 and VFV60-110 are suitable for USA, Canada and other countries with a voltage of 110V.

Supplied with a tube connector and tubing.

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