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DDK's disposable tungsten carbide knives are used in plastic sectioning - GMA and JB4 - as well as for Epon and epoxy-embedded tissue.
Tungsten carbide is harder than steel and retains a superior edge after extensive use. The knives are made of 100% tungsten carbide.


  • Durable, long lasting
  • Replacement for glass or razor blades
  • Eliminate knife changes in the middle of a procedure
  • Improved section consistency and accuracy


Cutting edge length: 76mm
Blade height: 12.7mm
Blade thickness: 1.2mm
Angle: 35 deg.

Sectioning resin embedded hard or tough materials, skin, bone, cartilage, painting samples, some metals, plastics
MMA sectioning of bone and hard materials
Frozen sections of bone and hard materials
Composites of plastic materials with metal or fibre fillers
Arterial stents embedded in MMA
GMA sections of hard tissue
Study of coatings / cohesion on various material

Note: These blades are similar to high profile blades in size, except that the thickness is 1.2mm. Please check if your microtome blade holder can accommodate 1.2mm blades.

For other disposable histology blades and knife holders see page U1 - our holder UYDBH-170B takes these blades.

For a heavy-duty specimen like undecalified bone and very large specimens, a larger solid TC knife may be required - see top of this page.

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