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  • Carbon tabs

    May be used in place of conductive adhesives in certain applications. 30µm thick. 35µm conductive glue on one side and 40µm conductive glue on the other. Glue can be removed...
    From $33.00
  • Dumont tweezers, style 5

    Dumont tweezers are known all over the world for their high quality, durability and detailed engineering.When selecting Dumont tweezers, reference should be made to the Dumont steel used, the tweezer...
    From $43.00
  • ProSciTech Rapid-Core biopsy punch, sampling tool, disposable

    Features Punches through most thin, soft substrates including but not limited to; skin, tissue, gels, paper, cloth, leaves, paint chips, films. Pen style, mechanism extends the cutting tip from inside...
    From $11.00
  • SEM specimen storage box, 12 mounts

    For storing or shipping specimens on SEM mounts. Reversible insert holds up to 12 mounts, either pin types G040 and G043, or slug types G041 and G042.Universal Specimen Holder with...
  • Slide staining set, POM

    These dishes and racks are made of resistant and strong POM. The rack takes 24 slides in an upright position and it is 85 x 32 x 63mm high. At...
    From $18.00
  • Tissue-Tek O.C.T. compound

    Tissue-Tek O.C.T. compound

    This is a much favoured water soluble glycols and resins compound that provides an excellent specimen matrix for cryostat sectioning at temperatures of -10 deg. C and below.It leaves no...
  • Tissue-Tek Cryomolds

    These disposable plastic Cryomolds produce a uniformly shaped flat surface specimen block with tissue freezing medium (O.C.T.) for frozen sectioning. Standard Cryomold fits directly into Cryobar freezing wells of the Tissue-Tek...
  • Microslide storage box

    Exceptional slide storage containers providing maximum protection for your microscope slides. Numbered index sheet in lid for quick identification Foam liner Stackable ABS-durable/impact resistant Hinged lid Unique sliding compression latch...
    From $13.00

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  • Silver powder

    SILVER POWDER Use this to make silver loaded epoxy and more. Very fine, high purity silver powder. May be used to produce electrically highly conducting paints and especially epoxy resins....
    From $57.00
  • Quantifoil on Cu/Rh300

    Quantifoil on Cu/Rh300

    ProSciTech stocks three types of QUANTIFOILS mounted on Cu/Rh (COPPER/RHODIUM) grids. For other types and grid metals see other quantifoil grids.QUANTIFOIL® Multi A is a holey film, in which a...
  • Bottles, amber glass Type III

    Bottles, amber glass Type III

    Amber glass bottles with 18mm neck. Can be used as dropper bottles with the high flow dripolator plug. The tamper proof cap can be used separately or on top of...
    From $24.75
  • Specimen filing box system, cardboard

    Specimen filing box system, cardboard

    Moisture resistant, plastic coated corrugated boxes. They interlock and may be stacked ten units high to support over 200kg in weight. Each box holds 2000 slides or 500 tissue blocks. ...
    From $39.00
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