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  • Immersion oil

    HIGH VISCOSITY IMMERSION OILS FOR INVERTED MICROSCOPESFor horizontal, inverted and inclined instruments and projection equipment, Type NVH with high viscosity of 21,000cST or Type OVH with a viscosity of 46,000...
    From $17.00
  • Immersion oil, low fluorescence, Type LDF

    IMMERSION OIL, LOW FLUORESCENCE, TYPE LDFThis is in most regards our best immersion oil for fluorescence microscopy. It has extremely low background fluorescence (Cargille # 1-2). It has excellent optical...
    From $27.00
  • Immersion oil, fluorescence-free

    FLUORESCENCE-FREE IMMERSION OIL, TYPE FFThis oil is halogen free, has no odour, and is also nearly free of background fluorescence (Cargille # 1 max.). For optical properties its refractive index...
    From $26.00
  • Immersion Cedar Wood Oil

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