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  • Carbon grating replica

    HIGH MAGNIFICATION GRATING REPLICA Cross ruled (waffle), 2160 lines/mm (54864 lines/"), carbon replica.
  • Combined TEM test specimen

    COMBINED TEST SPECIMENThis test specimen is made on a holey carbon film which has been shadowed with gold and a coating of graphitised carbon particles. Particles protruding over the edge...
  • Gold on carbon test specimen

    GOLD ON CARBON TEST SPECIMENIslands of gold on a smooth carbon background. For testing high resolution and grey levels in with probe size below 10nm.Specify for mount.S015H - Similar to...
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  • Calibration Standard, Model 70-1D

    This Calibration Reference specimen comes with a non-traceable, manufacturer’s certificate. This states the average period, based on batch measurements. The patterned area is easy to find. The three rectangles shown in...
    From $1,775.00
  • Ion sputter calibration standard, nickel/chromium, 12 layers

    NICKEL/CHROMIUM ION SPUTTER CALIBRATION STANDARDNickel/chromiumConsisting of 12 alternating layers: 6 layers of Cr (~53nm) and 6 layers of Ni (~64nm) for a total thickness of ~700nm with a maximum variation...
  • Ion sputter calibration standard, silicon dioxide

    SILICON DIOXIDE ION SPUTTER CALIBRATION STANDARDSSilicon dioxide (SiO2)Silicon wafers with thin films of silicon dioxide are available in thicknesses of 23, 50, 97 and 102.9nm. The oxide films are grown...
    From $938.00
  • Ion sputter calibration standard, tantalum pentoxide, 100nm

    TANTALUM PENTOXIDE ION SPUTTER CALIBRATION STANDARDTantalum pentoxide (Ta2O5)Films of tantalum pentoxide (100nm) are anodically grown on 0.5mm thick tantalum foil. The standards measure 37 x 37mm. The thickness accuracy is...
  • MAG*I*CAL, ultimate calibration standard for TEM

    MAG*I*CAL A MAGNIFICATION CALIBRATION SAMPLE FOR TRANSMISSION ELECTRON MICROSCOPESProSciTech is proud to introduce the world's smallest ruler (5 micrometers) for the calibration of Transmission Electron Microscopes.The MAG*I*CAL has been developed...
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  • Turbidity Calibration Standards (4 standards) set

    EHI98703 portable turbidity meter utilises an EPA compliant tungsten light source and state-of-the-art optical system that allows consistently reliable and accurate measurements for turbidity. Users will appreciate the accuracy and...
  • XCS EDS/BSD calibration standard

    XCS EDS Calibration StandardsThe XCS EDS calibration standards are practical, high quality and compact EDS calibration standards using a standard type 12.7mm pin stub as retainer. The small size of...
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  • Test specimen Tin-C on stub

    Tin on Carbon is an alternate test specimen for medium resolution, and for the daily basic checking of your instrument performance. This specimen consists of a dispersion of tin spheres,...
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