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Magnetic stirring bars, stirring rods, beads and stirring bar retrievers.
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  • BioMixer 3D shaker, 300 x 300mm, fixed

    3D ROCKERS, SHAKER, NUTATORThese platform shakers provide a 3-dimensional, nutating motion for moderately aggressive mixing. Two platform sizes and two rubber mat configurations allow for thorough, foam-free mixing in blood...
  • Digital electric overhead stirrer

    DIGITAL ELECTRIC OVERHEAD STIRRERAlso see our stirrer shafts with anchor blade Cat. No. E252-040 E252-100 E252-150 E252-200 Torque of motor (N.CM) 20 50 70 100 Rotational speed range 60 -...
    From $625.00
  • Digital magnetic stirrer hotplate, 220V 140mm

    DIGITAL MAGNETIC STIRRER HOTPLATE (ONLY)Product Features The heating plate is made of special Ceramic. Beautiful, antiseptic and easy for cleaning. Special heating technique, the heating plate can reach temperature up...
  • Hotplate magnetic stirrer, 180x180 plate, ambient +5 deg. C to 400 deg. C

    Hot Plate Magnetic Stirrers - (up to +400ºC) Ambient +5 deg. C to 400 deg. C This hotplate range of high quality Magnetic Stirrer allows heating and stirring to be...
  • Magnetic stirrer hotplate, ceramic, PID, economy

    NOTE: Colours may vary without notice.PID temperature control, LED display, and features an exceptionally durable, excellent chemical resistant, ceramic work surface with a marine grade stainless steel thermocouple. Their space-efficient...
    From $637.00
  • Magnetic stirrer, 120 x 120 x 45mm, with 12V adapter

    COMPACT MAGNETIC STIRRER, SQUARECommon stirrers are manufactured with steel and aluminium components. These units are often too large and heavy to fit in the limited space of a laboratory. EHI190MB...
  • Magnetic stirrer, dia. 135 x H51mm, Light Blue

  • Magnetic stirrer, diam. 135 x H51mm, yellow

    COMPACT MAGNETIC STIRRER, ROUNDHANNA EHI180 series is compact, lightweight, low-cost and round, without any sharp corners.These stirrers incorporate electronic controls allowing the user to regulate the speed with greater precision....
  • Magnetic stirring bar retriever, 350mm

    MAGNETIC STIRRING BAR RETRIEVERPTFE-encapsulated stirring bar retriever with strong permanent magnet (Alnico 5), universal chemical resistance.Temperature resistance: from -200 deg. C to 250 deg. C.
  • Magnetic stirring bars

    MAGNETIC STIRRING BARSPTFE-encapsulated magnetic core (Alnico 5), standard magnetic stirring bar, universal chemical resistance.L34-072 is our thinnest magnetic stirrer, 7 x 2mm.
    From $10.00
  • Magnetic stirring bars with pivot ring

    MAGNETIC STIRRING BARSPTFE-encapsulated magnetic core (Alnico 5), cylindrical shape with pivot ring, universal chemical resistance. Very steady spinning position with additional turbulences.Temperature resistance: from -200 deg. C to 250 deg....
    From $10.00
  • Magnetic stirring bars, egg-shaped

    MAGNETIC STIRRING BARSThese egg-shaped (oval) bars are designed for round-bottom flasks. PTFE-encapsulated magnetic core (Alnico 5), universal chemical resistance.
    From $11.00
  • Magnetic stirring bars, oval, L50mm, dia. 16mm

    MAGNETIC STIRRING BARSThese oval bars are longer and thinner than the egg-shaped bars. The top and bottom are slightly rounded, the sides are flat.
  • Magnetic stirring bars, wheel-shaped

    MAGNETIC STIRRING BAR Cat. No. Overall &Oslash (mm) Disc &Oslash (mm) Thickness (mm) Spoke width (mm) L39-42 41.5 23.5 5.5 4
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