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  • 3M Diamond film 305mm, plain, 0.1um

    3M DIAMOND LAPPING FILM, 305mmPriced to clear
  • 3M Diamond lapping film, plain , 203mm dia.

    3M DIAMOND LAPPING FILM, 203mm, PLAINThese lapping discs are quite superior to "diamond sandpaper" or polishing with a slurry. The dull side of the disc holds the diamond particles. Well...
    From $38.00
  • Biobond, tissue section adhesive (DG)

    **THIS ITEM WILL BE SHIPPED BY ROAD TRANSPORT** This product is listed as DANGEROUS GOODS for the purposes of shipping. Please do not order express or international shipping, as this...
  • Crystalbond, temporary adhesive

    CRYSTALBONDA temporary adhesive. These wash-away adhesives are used as a temporary bond for holding delicate crystals, metallurgical specimens, glass components, and ceramic substrates for dicing, slicing, drilling and polishing. These...
    From $56.00
  • Cytoseal 60 mounting medium (DG)

    CYTOSEAL MOUNTING MEDIUMPremium quality; formulated from the highest quality advanced acrylic resin. It will not become brittle and crack, nor will it discolour or yellow with age. Cytoseal dries rapidly,...
  • Diamond Disc, PSA 203mm

    Diamond Discs consists of a flat, stainless steel backing with sharp, blocky diamond particles electroformed onto the disc. The special hard nickel alloy that is used in the discs is...
    From $575.00
  • Diamond grit block

    DIAMOND GRIT BLOCKDiamond grit blocks are made using high quality and durable materials. The diamond-impregnated material is attached to a firm sponge backing block that fits comfortably into your hand....
  • Diamond paste

    DIAMOND PASTEHighly concentrated, fully water miscible diamond paste in a range of sizes. Polycrystalline, high purity and size uniformity. Recommended for polishing various metals, minerals, glass, ceramics, carbides, semi-conductors.Supplied in...
  • Diamond powder

    DIAMOND POWDERHigh purity and size uniformity. These polycrystalline diamond particles are blocky and irregular in shape to ensure excellent abrasive action and enhanced performance. Recommended for polishing various metals, minerals,...
    From $14.00
  • Glenco polishing cloths, no hole, PSA

    GLENCO***This flocked cloth, made by binding a rayon flock to a woven cotton backing, is the most popular in our line. It is excellent for final polishing when used in...
  • Kempad, 203mm, no hole, PSA

    POLISHING CLOTHSWe offer the best choice of disk-mounted fine polishing cloths to handle the finest science / technology polishing needs. Notes:* Available with Pressure Sensitive Adhesive Backing (PSA) only.** Available...
  • Lapping and polishing machine , Model 920 LR

    The model 920 is the first in a new generation of multi-purpose lapping machines designed for accurately lapping and polishing a wide range of materials. The 920 can be used...
    Price on Request
  • Leit-C-Plast, SEM adhesive

    LEIT-C-PLASTA special adhesive with very high electrical conductivity and permanent plasticity for the preparation of big specimens in SEM work.This item is virtually identical to Tempfix (I668), except that Leit-C-Plast...
  • Microfibre cloths, 400 x 400mm

    MICROFIBRE CLOTHSMicrofibre is a superfine thread made from a blend of polyester and polyamide, 100 times finer than a human hair. The thread is split into wedge-shaped strands which are...
  • PELCO Cryo-embedding compound

    PELCO CRYO-EMBEDDING COMPOUNDPELCO © Cryo-embedding compound is a water soluble glycol embedding medium used in cryostat sectioning. This low viscosity compound ensures reliable freezing and smooth sections. PELCO ; cryo-embedding...
  • Silk polishing cloths, 254mm, no hole, plain backing

    SILK**100% pure woven silk for final or skid polishing on friable materials.
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