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  • Carrier for AFM metal discs

    CARRIER FOR AFM METAL DISCSA convenient way to store 10, 12, 15 and 20mm discs in a dust-free environment. Discs are placed face down into a stepped cavity where the...
    From $35.00
  • AFM metal specimen discs

    High quality magnetic stainless steel (alloy 430) discs for Atomic Force Microscopy, with smooth edges and consistently flat surfaces. The AFM discs are 22 gauge which is 0.76mm, with a...
    From $57.00
  • AFM metal specimen discs, gold-coated, with carrier

    AFM METAL SPECIMEN DISCS, GOLD-COATED, WITH CARRIER BOXAdvanced nanotechnology specimen support.Gold-coated AFM discs provide excellent substrates for mounting specimens, due to their high resistance to electromigration, high electrical and thermal...
    From $106.00
  • AFM sample mount, 90 deg.

    CROSS SECTION AFM MOUNTSandAFM SAMPLE HOLDERSThe cross section AFM mounts and AFM sample holders offer a convenient way to clamp and position cross sectional samples for AFM imaging. The holders...
    From $58.00
  • Specimen metal discs for AFM

    For use with the Atomic Force Microscope.These are high quality metal discs with smooth edges and flat surfaces for use in Atomic force Microscopy.
    From $68.00
  • Storage box with magnetic base, for AFM metal discs

    STORAGE BOXES WITH MAGNETIC BASE, FOR AFM METAL DISCSThese disc storage boxes have a single-pole magnetic layer in the base of the box to store stainless AFM discs with 10,...
    From $17.00
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