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  • Acrylic brain matrices

    Acrylic MatricesFeatures Highly polished Precision machined Precise blocking of the brain Reproducible 1 mm segments Cost savingand in all directions Low cost acrylic matrices are precisely machined and highly polished...
  • Anastigmatic magnifier with scale 4x

    ANASTIGMATIC MAGNIFIERS, with scaleA magnifier for the most discerning user. It has an acrylic collar for specimen illumination. An alternative black plastic collar is provided for use with tranmitted light.4XInspect...
  • Automated microtome (previously UM-MA455-X)

    AUTOMATIC ROTARY-MICROTOME Features Full-automatic cutting with adjustable speed and three cutting modes: continuous, step and single. Streamlined ABS body for easy cleaning. Control and display by LED screen. Trimming button...
    Price on Request
  • Automated slide stainer, 200 slides

    AUTOMATED SLIDE STAINERVacuum tissue processor is the necessary equipment for pathology processing specimens. It is a modular automated tissue processor designed for the laboratory applications as fixation, dehydration, paraffin wax...
    Price on Request
  • Automated tissue processor, 2L, vacuum aided paraffin infiltration system

    AUTOMATED TISSUE PROCESSORUM-TP2-X automatic tissue processor is suited for histology processing of animals and plant specimens. The tissue processor is used to perform fixation, dehydration, clearing and infiltration. This instrument...
    Price on Request
  • Benchtop protector roll, slip-resistant, 457mm x 76m

    SLIP-RESISTANT BENCH TOP PROTECTORSKIMTECH SCIENCE advanced bench top protector with green polythene backing.Features Provides maximum slip resistance Creates an effective fluid barrier Resists even harsh chemicals Quickly absorbs spills Lies...
  • Brain matrix

    BRAIN MATRICESThese high quality Brain Matrices are designed for freehand slicing of discrete regions of the brain. They allow slicing of either coronal or sagittal sections through the brain at...
    From $1,070.00
  • CryoELITE Benchmate Vial Rack

    CryoELITE Benchmate Vial Rack For use with both freestanding and round bottom vials One hand cap removal of freestanding vials Holds 50 cryogenic vials Manufactured from polypropylene Easily cleaned in...
  • Data Matrix Bar code 2D bottom insert

    This optional 2D Data Matrix Bar Code Insert allows for immediate bar coding of your samples. The insert can also be applied to the vial at a future date, which...
  • DFP Flashlight, matching filter glasses, carrying case

    NIGHTSEA DFP DUAL FLUORESCENT PROTEIN FLASHLIGHTThe Model DFP Dual Fluorescent Protein Flashlights include two different, switch-selectable high intensity LEDs for excitation of fluorescent proteins. For years the most popular fluorescent...
    From $1,313.00
  • Dumont Tweezers, style 45, HP, Inox 02, matt

    TWEEZERS STYLE 45 Cat No. Style Description Metal, Grade, Finish Length WidthandThickness T045-212 45 Precise, very fine tips, grooved finger grips Inox 02, HP, matt 120mm 0.20 x 0.12mm
  • Electronic solenoid baffle valve, pneumatic high vac, normally closed, KF16, Type B

    SOLENOID BAFFLE VALVEGDQ-JB series normally closed pneumatic high vacuum baffle valve is turned by a solenoid valve to rely on air power as the opening and closing valve plate in...
  • EMS Lens tissue, 110 x 127mm

    EMS LENS TISSUEEMS Lens tissue is extremely soft and does not lint or scratch and it is free from mineral or vegetable filler.Safe for any optical surface such as camera...
  • General purpose wipers, Viscose/PET, 600 x 300mm

    GENERAL PURPOSE WIPERSLarge cleaning cloths for hospitals, laboratories, food processing and preparation and general cleaning.Features Cross lapped mesh grabs dirt Viscose/PET Very absorbent 45gsm Size 600mm x 300mm HACCP Australia...
  • Gold particle stigmator

    PRICKLY GOLDThis specimen makes stigmatism in the obvious and the image is easily made astigmatic. Specify for mounted version.
    From $85.00
  • Grid mat

    GRID MATSGrids adhere to silicone rubber, which, combined with other properties, like silicone's elasticity, makes pick-up of grids from these mats easy and avoids damage to grids and tweezers.The white...
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