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  • Klein flange, SS, with SS locating ring and Viton O-ring

    NW/KF WING NUT CLAMPSForged 304 stainless steel clamps are suitable for cleanroom environments.A stainless steel locating ring and a viton O-ring are provided with each klein flange.Please note that the...
    Price on Request
  • Blanking plate, KF

    BLANKING FLANGESThese vacuum blanking plates, also known as end-plates, blank caps, blind flanges and blanking plugs, are made from 304 Stainless Steel (SS304).Used to blank off vacuum ports not being...
    Price on Request
  • Dow Corning silicone high vacuum grease

    DOW CORNING ; SILICONE VACUUM GREASEA silicone lubricant for glass stopcocks, joints and glass-rubber connections. Stable from -40 deg. C to 260 deg. C.Not for use in electron microscopes.Product data...
  • Apiezon T medium temperature vacuum grease (previously M016)

    APIEZON ; T GREASE\tApiezon T grease is a filled hydrocarbon grease for general sealing and lubrication in the medium temperature range. It is not suited for highly stressed bearings but...
  • Pen-Vac, vacuum pick-up tool with 6 probes and cups

    PEN-VACPen-Vac gives a superior means for the handling of small, flat surface objects. Pen-Vac is ideal for electron microscopy and histology work. It can be used to move grids, pick...
  • Indium wire 1.5mm dia. 4N, with physical damage

    INDIUM WIREMalleable indium is recommended for static seals in very high vacuum systems. Indium also produces excellent evaporated coatings. These are used in the physical sciences, including for the production...
  • Locating ring, SS, Viton O-ring

    CENTRING RINGS WITH MESH SCREEN AND O-RINGUsed on pumps and other applications where components need to be shielded from small particles entering.Centring Rings with screen vacuum fittings follow ISO-KF standards....
    Price on Request
  • Graphite rods, 305mm

    GRAPHITE RODSSpectrographically pure graphite rods 305mm long. Both carbon and graphite rods contain amorphous and graphite carbon. Analytically these rods are identical - spectrographically pure carbon. The graphite content of...
    From $108.00
  • Straight connector, SS

    STRAIGHT STAINLESS STEEL CONNECTORAlso know as a full nipple straight connector.Made from SS304.We fabricate these KF (QF) nipples (spools) for HV systems from tubing and KF flanges. The KF (QF)...
    Price on Request
  • O-Rings, for NW/KF centring rings

    O-Rings for NW/KF Centring RingsDepending on pressure on the O-ring, environment and service temperature, O-rings need to be renewed to ensure leak-free seals. Use the O-rings to service the NW/KF...
    Price on Request
  • Three-way adapter, SS, KF

    STAINLESS STEEL THREE-WAY CONNECTORSThese three way adapters, also known as 'T' piece or Tee, is made from SS304.Three-way conflat adapter DN-KF L A KF-KF16 80 40 KF-KF25 100 50 KF-KF40...
    From $69.00
  • Apiezon AP101 anti-seize vacuum grease (previously M018)

    APIEZON ; AP101 GREASEType 101 is an excellent general purpose, hydrocarbon grease, which is intended for a variety of industrial and scientific applications.Properties Anti-seize properties: AP 101 contains PTFE which...
    From $80.00
  • Apiezon L ultra high vacuum grease (previously M010/M011)

    APIEZON ; L GREASEA well-proven and recommended high-vacuum grease for electron beam instruments. Grease L is a petroleum hydrocarbon grease, containing no additives. Very low vapour pressure (@20 deg. C...
    From $103.00
  • Vacuum desiccator, PP-PC

    VACUUM DESICCATORS, PP/PCVacuum desiccators with PP bowl and PC top, perforated PP plate and silicone O ring. The PP stopcock is fitted with a self lubricating PTFE plug.Length of stopcock...
    From $83.00
  • Vacuum pick-up system with pump

    VACUUM PICK-UP SYSTEM WITH PUMPVacuum pick-up system including pump, finger control pen, five interchangeable tips (12, 16, 18, 20 and 25 gauge), 3 ea. clear silicone rubber vacuum cups (3.6mm,...
  • Vacuum tubing, PVC, SS reinforced, thick wall (USA source)

    VACUUMandPRESSURE TUBINGThick-walled PVC with a steel wire spiral inside the tubing wall. The wire spiral is Stainless Steel and is embedded in PVC plastic - smooth tubing inside and outside.Use...
    From $9.00
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