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Ultrasonic Cleaners, Sonifers and Accessories
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  • Console ultrasonic cleaner, mechanical timer, heated

    CONSOLE ULTRASONIC CLEANERSLike the above cleaners, these are frequently built to specifications. These tanks are on castors and dedicated to commercial tasks.ask for further informationCONSOLE ULTRASONIC CLEANER, 81LFeatures Solid stainless...
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  • Industrial ultrasonic cleaner, mechanical timer, heated

    INDUSTRIAL/ COMMERCIAL ULTRASONIC CLEANER, 54LFeatures Solid stainless steel construction (tankandjacket) Mechanical timer Polyester coated transducers Sweep frequency Stainless steel lidandbasket Insulation Outlet drain Cooling fan SpecificationsTank dimensions (internal) Length: 600mm...
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  • Sieve, for FSS ultrasonic cleaner

    FSS SIEVE SERIES WITH STAINLESS STEEL TANKThe stainless steel jacket cleaners have changed to our FSS range.The jacket made of PVC
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  • Ultrasonic cleaner

    ULTRASONIC CLEANER, 5.3LTank Dimensions: (Int) Length: 295mm Width: 152mm Depth: 152mm(Ext) Length: 324mm Width: 175mm Height: 277mm Tank Capacity : 5.3 Litres (9.00 Pints)Average Power to Transducers : 150 watts 2 Disc TransducersOperation Frequency (Nominal): 40kHz...
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  • Ultrasonic cleaner, with SS jacket, mechanical timer

    ULTRASONIC CLEANER, WITH STAINLESS STEEL JACKETS EFSS8M 152mm x 140mm x 100mm EFSS12M 295mm x 152mm x 152mm EFSS14M 295mm x 240mm x 152mm EFSS16M 320mm x 295mm x 152mm...
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