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  • Dewar vessel, liquid nitrogen, 1L

    DEWARS WITH HANDLESThese dewars are ideal for temporary storage of liquid gas in laboratory settings. These wide mouth cylindrical flasks have a convenient handle. These dewars can afford the increased...
  • Dewar vessel, liquid nitrogen transport and storage

    DEWAR VESSELS FOR TRANSPORT AND STORAGEThe 10L and the 30L transport and storage Dewars come with a protective cover.The top of the neck has 6 grooves and stamped numbers for...
  • Cryo dewar flask, large

    Large Cryogenic Dewar Flasks Superior vacuum performance and insulation provide maximum holding times Sealed vacuum space between inner and outer shells. Outer shell is constructed of durable, lightweight aluminum. Vacuum...
    From $1,316.00
  • Dewar vessel, liquid nitrogen storage

    DEWAR VESSELS FOR WORK AND STORAGEThe top of the neck of the 30L storage Dewar has 6 grooves and stamped numbers for holding and identifying canisters.The 30L storage Dewars come...
    From $1,809.00
  • Tipping Stand for 25L cryo dewar flasks

    Storage Dewars Tipping Stand Tipping stand supports the weight of the Dewar while you safely tip the unit. Easily move storage Dewars with sturdy cast aluminum frame. Unit has five...
  • Dipper for cryo dewar flasks

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