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  • Screw caps for sample vials, PP

    SCREW CAPS FOR SAMPLE VIALSHigh density polypropylene screw caps, white except for the smallest, which is black.The caps have no liner (except L6204-CAP), but twin raised rings which seal against...
    From $14.00
  • Sample vial, clear glass

    SAMPLE VIALSWell made, thin walled glass vials.Caps available separately.Dimensions without cap Cat. No. Volume (mL) OD x Length (mm) Neck OD (mm) Neck ID (mm) Matching caps L6202 2 11.6...
    From $18.00
  • Beaker, glass, low form

    BEAKERS, LOW FORMExcellent quality, European made beakers. Low form with spout, white printing and writing panel. Borosilicate glass, ISO 3819. Cat. No. Volume (mL) Graduations (mL) Height (mm) OD (mm)...
    From $9.00
  • Rubber stopper for serum vial

    RUBBER STOPPERS FOR SERUM VIALS, PLUG AND 2-PRONGChlorobutyl rubber stoppers - plugs for liquids, 2-prong for freeze-dried samples.New batch of L63RS-13PL stopper are made of Bromo Butyl Rubber - 02/02/15...
    From $20.00
  • Sample vial, amber glass

    SAMPLE VIALS WITH SCREW CAPSThe 7mL vials are made of neutral borosilicate glass.The 20mL vials are made of low borosilicate glass.Dimensions without cap Cat. No. Volume (mL) Height w/o cap...
    From $28.00
  • Serum vial, amber borosilicate glass Type I

    AMBER SERUM VIALSAmber injection vial, neutral borosilicate glass Type I, 7mL
    From $76.00
  • Autosampler vials, amber borosilicate, screw caps with PTFE septa, 2mL

    AUTOSAMPLER VIALSAutosampler vials, 12 x 32mm, 9mm screw finish, endotoxin-free. The PP caps have red PTFE septa suitable for up to 1000 injections.You will receive a discount when ordering a...
  • Measuring cylinder, glass

    MEASURING CYLINDERS Cat. No. Volume (mL) Graduations (mL) Length (mm) Inner ⌀ (mm) LC30 5 0.1 105 9.6 LC34 100 1 250 25.5 LC36 500 5 360 51
    From $9.00
  • Test tubes without rim, glass

    TEST TUBES WITHOUT RIMTest tubes with round bases, unmarked.L694 can have an OD of 36mm and display a small, white logo and measurements (36x220), or an OD of 38mm without...
    From $20.00
  • Watch glass, glass

    WATCH GLASSSoda-lime watch glass, glazed rims.
    From $16.00
  • Embryo dish

    EMBRYO DISHESThese dishes are molded from clear glass and come with a glass lid for the viewing or staining of free-floating specimens.
    From $28.00
  • Micro-test/staining dish, glass

    MICRO-TEST STAINING DISHESGlass spot plate with 8 or 12 wells.DimensionsH421-08: 110 x 70mm, 2 rows of 4 wells, well depth 2mm, well diameter 20mm, thickness of plate 5mm.H421-12: 80 x...
    From $31.00
  • Beakers, glass, tall form, 10mL

    BEAKERS, TALL FORMLaboratory beakers with with graduation - excepting the 10mL beakers which have no graduation. Cat. No. Volume (mL) Graduation (mL) Length (mm) Outer &Oslash (mm) Inner &Oslash (mm)...
  • Bottles, amber glass Type III

    Bottles, amber glass Type III

    BOTTLES, AMBER GLASS TYPE IIIAmber glass bottles with 18mm neck. Can be used as dropper bottles with the high flow dripolator plug. The tamper proof cap can be used separately...
    From $24.75
  • Erlenmeyer flask, glass, narrow neck

    ERLENMEYER FLASK, NARROW NECKExcellent quality, European made Erlenmeyer flasks. Narrow neck, graduated, white printing and writing panel. Borosilicate glass, ISO 1773. Please be aware that the first graduation on each...
    From $15.00
  • Erlenmeyer flask, glass, plastic stopper

    ERLENMEYER FLASKS WITH STOPPERExcellent quality, European made Erlenmeyer flasks with standard ground neck and plastic stopper. Borosilicate glass. Cat. No. Volume (mL) Graduation (mL) Height without stopper (mm) Neck with...
    From $20.00
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