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Product Code: G493-01

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G493-01  Coverglass, correlative microscopy grids, 100 squares of 0.1mm sides, pk/25

G493-05  Coverglass, correlative microscopy grids, 400 squares of 0.5mm sides, pk/25

G493-10  Coverglass, correlative microscopy grids, 100 squares of 1.0mm sides, pk/25

A unique film reticle for use in Correlative Microscopy. Designed specifically to allow identification and location of a particular area of interest under brightfield or fluorescence microscopes and then sectioning for electron microscopy.

All coverslips are 22 x 22mm and 0.18mm thickness.
Products developed in conjunction with Nacer Benmeradi, PhD of CNRS Toulouse and Delta Microscopies, France.

Reticle film has been thoroughly tested with cell culture

  • Good growth of cell culture (equivalent to conventional media)
  • Good adhesion to the substrate without cell polylysine

Physical and chemical qualities

  • Resistant to normal chemicals used in electron microscopy
  • No oxygen retention, compatible resin LR White
  • Good optical quality in brightfield and UV fluorescence
  • Excellent transparency
  • Does not deform at temperatures (positive 100C and negative liquid N2)
  • Rigid, does not float in the middle of culture
  • Easy to handle and cut with a knife or micro-punch
  • Simple sterilisation using alcohol or UV
  • Detaches easily from resin after polymerisation
  • Low cost

Light microscopy, fluorescence, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), transmission electron microscopy (TEM), high-pressure cryofixation.

Cat. No. Pattern code Number of squares Surface covered Unit size of each square Average number of cells per square unit (eg. HeLa cell)
G493-01 CMC34A 100 5x1mm² 0.01mm² 2-3
G493-05 CMC71 400 100mm² 0.25mm² 20-30
G493-10 CMC35 100 100mm² 1mm² 40-50


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